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BBC Merlin

look it's a welcome post because we are made of sugar rainbows and candy hearts and weep with joy when you come share in our magical land of puppies and kittens and cheekbones!!!

yeah you guessed right. like so many others, we're no longer active. You can still post if you want, though.

Membership is no longer necessary to view most entries, but you must be a member to post and view protected content. Non-members are welcome to leave comments, but no anonymous comments are allowed.
Everyone is welcome to become a member, there are no requirements to joining.
"If you're unsure if your shit constitutes a post, post it anyway." In other words, we're not too concerned with being a regimented topic-oriented place, we just like to have fun and talk Merlin and anything you come up with we're happy to see.
Include a source on the content you post (or let us know if you are the source. Or if there isn't one because you're just admiring someone's neck).
No attacking other users for their opinions or personal reasons. If you have a problem with someone, PM the mod.
⇒ Obscenely large photos, autoplay items, and explicit content should be put under an lj-cut please, for our sanity.
⇒ Merlin-based community promotions are welcome, though the mods reserve the right to delete promotions later if they feel they are inappropriate for the community.
⇒ Downloads, streaming parties, porn, and private photos are locked content and must be posted as "members only." This is to protect us and there are no exceptions.
⇒ We ban plagiarists. More info here.


FuckYeahMerlinFanfic on Tumblr

If you are a Merlin-based community or fansite and think you're kind of weird like us, send the mod a message and we can be best frands with sexytime benefits "affiliates."

ONTD_Merlin is a spinoff of the community ohnotheydidnt. With that mindset, we tend to be wildly opinionated about a ton of differently things and love to share them. We love to talk, snark, joke, squee, and flail over all things Merlin, good and bad. We're not necessary on topic all the time, and we have a lot of posts that seem to be dedicated to ogling the cast members (but no one's saying that's a bad thing!). Everyone and all their varied opinions on the show Merlin are welcome. To take a line from the mothership, "Going all-out on celebrities (or in this case, Merlin) is why we exist."

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